Structural Engineering

The Verified platform offers secure collaboration tools to speed up data collection process, giving you more time to focus on important tasks. Using easy-to-use, familiar technology the Verified suite will bring staff in the field together with management in an efficient and secure way.

Structural Engineers are often required to be on site and documenting progress and condition of projects. With Verified, you can reduce the time spent on site while gathering important visual documentation to support your reporting and consulting process. The Verified mobile capture tool allows site superintendents and consultants to send secure updates regularly to your office, allowing for timely reporting and faster turnaround. Verified can be used in all aspects of Structural Engineering, from residential, light industrial, retail and institutional buildings.


The Verified suite enables consultants to work directly with the structural engineers, documenting work in the field, cataloguing important aspects of the build site and preserving visual documentation as part of the written record for the project client. In addition, Verified has a comprehensive reporting suite that enables fast generation of visual reports, combining data collected in the field with photos and supporting data, that can be shared easily by email with your staff and clients.

Benefits of using Verified:

  • Reduce the time travelling to document minor issues on site
  • Generate reports faster
  • Allow the client to see project progress
  • Easy for collaborative working with dispersed job sites