Verified provides architecture firms and their employees with the ability to easily document and share construction progress and deficiencies in direct collaboration with trades and project management to ensure the project stays on track and is built to specification. Using Verified, the architect can reduce the amount of time spent on site, conducting site inspections and preparing update reports for their client. The Verified mobile apps allow for easy capture of important data and photos in the field, which when combined with the ability to collaborate and get answers quickly from other parts of the project, helps to streamline and make the architect's role more efficient.

An architect using Verified can see progress at the build site at a touch of a button, saving time and expense of being on site every day - especially useful where the project site may be some distance away or in a remote location.>  Verified also allows the architect to upload and share drawings and amendments to plans, making them readily available in one organised location for authorized people to view and comment on.


Benefits of using verified:

  • Save time and expense by reducing need for on-site visits
  • Streamline the reporting process
  • Maintain an accurate historical visual log of work undertaken and communication between the site and office
  • collaborate easily and securely with the developer and client
  • share deficiency photos with the sub-trades showing exactly where issues occur