Building Envelope

Maintenance of the exterior of residential and commercial properties is top of mind for building owners, management and maintenance personnel.  Verified is uniquely positioned to provide visual documentation services to the construction industry for documenting building envelope deficiencies, routine maintenance and remedial work. Verified is a simple smartphone and smart camera application for documenting building and material condition during an inspection. As each element is documented, Verified associates context data with each photograph, including: the GPS co-ordinates, direction of view, categories and tags and notes from the inspector. 

The Verified platform allows for collaboration between people on the ground who are inspecting the properties, with the management company and contractors who are charged with the maintenance of the building. Using comprehensive management reporting, the Verified platform allows for direct conversation between interested parties, using built-in collaboration tools such as commenting and annotation.


Documentation of premature failure of the building envelope components can save large costs down the road. Highlighting remedial work on material degradation, premature aging or improper performance can ensure that maintenance is appropriately scheduled, repairs fully documented by the contractor(s) and an active file of the building condition is maintained.


Benefits of using Verified:

  • Take photos before, during and after construction
  • Share site photos easily and securely with clients, project managers, and consultants
  • Maintain a library of images for review later if maintenance is necessary
  • Store your building photos on Verified’s secure servers
  • Search and access your large volume of photos from anywhere


Verified makes it easy to capture and manage large volumes of photos and associated data for use in building envelope condition assessments, building reviews and facility asset management, building renovations and additions and depreciation reporting.