Project Management

Whether you are looking after one or several construction projects, Verified provides up-to-date information from the job site at your fingertips.

Having the ability to follow tasks from beginning to end and make sure that trades stay on track is vitally important to ensure your project runs smoothly. Verified is an essential tool on the work site and in the office, bringing the project management team into the loop on the day-to-day operation. At the touch of a button, site superintendents can use Verified to document work on a daily basis, passing progress photos back to the project management team and helping them stay on top of the schedule and ensuring that work is to specification.

The Project Manager will typically visit the site on a periodic basis to document the progress and note any deficiencies. Often these photos will be captured using a digital camera or smartphone, and then need to be sorted, categorized and tied to the field notes when he/she returns to the office.

Verified is the perfect solution; At the point of capture, the user can pre-categorize, tag, annotate and enter comprehensive notes to each photo and share them instantly as soon as they are uploaded. With a streamlined data collection process, the generation of reports for the developer and client is simplified. At the touch of a button, tasks that used to take hours to complete now take just a few minutes.

Benefits to using Verified:

  • Streamline the data collection process
  • Reduce time on site collecting photo data
  • Store project photos in one place in an organized manner
  • Collaborate in real-time with trades and sub-trades
  • Produce progress reports and deficiency reports at the touch of a button